13.11.2012 | Category: Process Support, Network and Outreach

Legacy of the ICTY in the Former Yugoslavia

ICTY conferences in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina on the establishment of Information Centers

The project Archives and Dealing with the Past was invited to participate in public conference on the Legacy of the ICTY in the former Yugoslavia, organised by the Outreach Programme of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in Sarajevo on the 6th of November and in Zagreb on the 8th of November. In both conferences the coordinator of the project participated in a panel discussion on the Importance of the Tribunal’s Archives in which, the key issues related to the future of the Tribunal’s archives and their use in the transitional justice processes in the region was debated by representatives of the ICTY, national institutions and civil society actors. Main issues discussed were the location of the archives, the establishment of information centers, safeguarding, accessibility and outreach. The coordinator of the archives project took also part in consultations on the 7th and 9th November with the respective authorities and academic institutions in Sarajevo and Zagreb with regard to the establishment of Information Centers that will host the publicly available records of the ICTY in the countries of the region. A similar conference is foreseen on the 22nd November in Belgrade, Serbia.

Panel discussion at the ICTY conference in Zagreb, 8 November 2012. © Photo by ICTY