10.01.2013 | Category: Research

Resources on Archives and Human Rights

swisspeace collectied and compiled important resources on Archives, Human Rights and Dealing with... [more]

13.11.2012 | Category: Process Support, Network and Outreach

Legacy of the ICTY in the Former Yugoslavia

ICTY conferences in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina on the establishment of Information Centers [more]

01.11.2012 | Category: Research

Research Project on Archives and Records of Truth and Investigation Commissions

Research grant approved by the Swiss Federal Contributions program [more]

10.10.2012 | Category: Network and Outreach, Process Support

Exchange with Genocide Archive in Rwanda

Yves Kamuronsi, Manager of the Genocide Archive in Kigali/Rwanda, visited the archivesproject in... [more]

16.08.2012 | Category: Network and Outreach

Newspaper article

Elisabeth Baumgartner published a newspaper article on the role of archives in international... [more]

25.06.2012 | Category: Network and Outreach, Training and Capacity Building

Roundtable on human rights documentation and databases

Database experts and staff from the Human Security Division of the Swiss FDFA and swisspeace met... [more]

08.06.2012 | Category: Network and Outreach, Research

Project Launch Inputs online

Now available as audio stream in the section "Resources" [more]

08.05.2012 | Category: Training and Capacity Building, Process Support

Guatemalan National Police Historical Archive (AHPN)

Training of AHPN staff by the Swiss Federal Archives [more]

27.04.2012 | Category: Network and Outreach

First meeting of the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board met for the first time for a strategic planning of this new project [more]

26.04.2012 | Category: Network and Outreach

Conference and Project Launch

Conference and Project Launch: Documenting Human Rights Violations - The Importance of Archives in... [more]


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